Amplifying Voices, Activating Solutions, Accelerating Change: How Do We Sustain the Shift Toward Equity?

The National Fund and our network partners have made great strides in shifting narratives and changing perceptions around what’s possible and necessary to accelerate toward a future where economic mobility is attainable for all.

But the headwinds we face in our work to advance racial equity are blowing harder than ever. How can we maintain the momentum — in the midst of a politically fractious climate — as we grapple with seemingly intractable issues like persistent occupational segregation and a broken care economy so we can ensure no one is left behind?

In our opening plenary, leading workforce change agents, Robert Espinoza, Anne Price, and Todd Greene, join National Fund president and CEO Amanda Cage for a conversation to unpack this central question. Join us for incredible insights into how we can harness our collective power to reshape workforce systems for generations to come.